Nine months of waiting to meet your precious bundle of joy and so much takes place in your body and life.  The changes bring forth questions, even if it’s not your first baby!  It’s ultimately up to God how your baby grows and develops but you also play a big role.  How you eat and take care of yourself can affect the life you are growing.  It’s a huge responsibility for a mom to bring forth life!  Thank goodness for the support and nurturing of a Doula. Someone who can ease an expectant mom’s worries, give practical advice and is attentive and supportive throughout the pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.  In essence a Doula is a new mom’s labor guardian angel!

    I am so grateful for Emily, my labor guardian angel, who is full of wisdom, compassion and encouragement!  She was by my side guiding me during the birth of our 4th child.  Having delivered 3 others without the aid of a Doula, the difference she made was resoundingly clear.  I felt confident in myself, empowered to work through the stages of labor and relieved knowing I had someone so knowledgeable and attentive there for me during labor.  She knew how to navigate the hospital, working with the staff that is stretched too thin to give you individual attention.  She knew special tricks to ease the pain and make me more comfortable and my work more effective.  She worked with me in a very active yet subtle way, never overstepping her boundaries or interfering with my husband’s involvement or my wishes.  She was professional but not clinical.  Once my baby arrived she celebrated and continued to care for me and my family even into my postpartum period once we arrived home.  I had many questions following the birth (even though I wasn’t a brand new mom) and she promptly responded with accurate and helpful information or advice.  Her support continued into those rough 2 weeks following birth which I refer to as “the Aftermath”!  When exhaustion sets in, hormones wreak havoc, sore boobs and bottom make you miserable and a confused newborn rocks your world!  She eased my mind and made this period so much more tolerable.  She loved on me and my family and I can’t say enough about the difference a Doula made.  Emily was a godsend and we are grateful for her helping to make the most amazing experience in life, the birth of your child, a truly blessed and memorable one!Type your paragraph here.

- Stephanie P.

Emily Mitchell was my doula for both of my very different childbirths. One birth was a c-section and the other was a natural home birth after c-section. Both births were so different yet I was able to utilize my amazing doula for both. During my first birth, Emily helped during my pregnancy with lots of answered texts and emails with questions about my pregnancy. She also was the first person I called when I thought I was in labor. She was the first one to see me at the hospital after my c-section as well. She helped me with breastfeeding at home. We successfully breastfed and it was partly because of Emily's guidance and knowledge about postpartum care. My transition to first time mommy was smooth because of her. My second child's birth was different and I was able to utilize Emily in a very different way. She was there for my first full day of labor and talked me through contractions and road blocks and disappointments. I slept the night after my pre-labor. The next day she checked on me and took me out to lunch and we got pedicures! (around noon) She dropped me back off at my home around 2pm. I was having contractions all day but convinced myself it was pre-labor. I called Emily at 4:45 because I got nauseous and didn't want to eat anymore. She insisted on calling my midwife. I was still in denial. I didn't want to call her yet. THANK GOODNESS FOR EMILY! I would have had my baby without anyone around if I didn't have her. She recognized the stages of labor even when I was in denial. She zoomed over. She sat through one contraction with me and then immediately called my midwife. I was in denial that I was even in real labor. My midwife arrived just in time because of Emily's quick thinking and wisdom about births. My midwife arrived when I was 9cm and 30 minutes later I was holding a healthy baby girl. Emily took the thinking on herself so I could focus on my labor and my husband could focus on me. She recommended positions and helpful solutions to labor pains. I would recommend Emily to anyone pregnant! She is such a wonderful person. Her happiness is contagious and she will truly put a smile on your face in the midst of one of the hardest times in your life. Thank you Emily Mitchell for all that you have done for me and my children. 

- Melissa H.

Having Emily as my doula was one of the best decisions my husband I made when it came to having our first child. Conceiving took nearly a year for us and so making sure we were prepared for our son's arrival was very important to us. Emily met with us 3 times before birth and gave us a lot of really great advice prior to birth and things for us to be working on to make the transition to parenthood as easy as possible. She was very easy to reach via phone or text and responded to any questions or concerns we had very quickly. She also made sure to check in and ask me questions so she would know where I was in my pregnancy and how better to assist me. When it came time for delivery she was with us pretty much the whole time. We were at home for several hours and then in the hospital for more than 24 hours in labor and she was there helping us through the whole process, doing all she could to ease my labor and give us peace of mind that someone who had done this before was taking care of us personally. She was great after birth too helping with breastfeeding and any other questions we had. I would recommend her to all women who are pregnant to help make the birthing experience the best and easiest as possible.  

- Amy N.

My husband and I made the decision to hire a doula early in our pregnancy because we wanted additional support during the labor and delivery process as first time parents. I did some research for highly acclaimed doulas in the central Florida area and immediately felt a connection with Emily. We knew we wanted a natural delivery, even though we would be having the baby in the hospital. Throughout our pregnancy, Emily stayed in close contact and met with us to help prepare us for delivery day. The weeks leading up to meeting our sweet baby boy, Emily was checking on us everyday, providing helpful advice and guidance. On delivery day, my husband and Emily were my rocks. I am so incredibly grateful that she was with us to help guide my husband and I in making me feel as comfortable as possible. She brought all her tools and wisdom with her which proved to be invaluable. We are so incredibly blessed and grateful to have met Emily for our first pregnancy experience! Her post partum care and lactation expertise has been extremely helpful as we learn about our new baby boy. We plan to use Emily's services for the next baby when the time comes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the services you provide as a doula. 

- Jada G.

I was recommended to have a doula by my mother. She said that it made a big difference in her labors. The births that she had a doula for were by far a much better experience for her. I have known Emily for several years now, and when I got pregnant with my son, I knew that I wanted her to be there. Having a good support team was a must for me. Emily has such a gentle spirit, and her calmness and strength had a huge impact on my pregnancy and labor. The pre-labor meetings and information she provided helped me prepare myself for labor and got me mentally ready to accept whatever challenges I might face. I had an amazing birth experience because of my support team. Emily helped me relax into my contractions and breathe. I can honestly say that when she walked away for even a second, I could tell the difference. It is easy to get caught up in the pain of labor, but Emily helped keep me comfortable. She also coached my husband and mom to better help me through my contractions. With her guidance, my husband was able to put pressure on the right spots on my back to help ease me through a hard contraction. I know that I will be using Emily for all my future babies! The experience was amazing, and I am forever grateful to have had her there for my son’s birth.

- Elena B.


    Emily, "thank you" is really not an appropriate phrase to express the depth of feeling I have for the care and support you have shown me once again! At the beginning of your Doula journey, you were so supportive through my pregnancy with Emma. I recall that at 37 years old, things were a lot different than they had been through my pregnancies nearly 10 years earlier. Though I lived 2.5 hours away at the time, you were a constant support through phone calls. But I cannot describe fully the joy I felt when I heard your voice enter the delivery room, as I was in labor!! I did not expect you to come, but was so glad you did! Though my room seemed full to bursting with family, you were the only one who was completely focussed on me and the job at hand. You were my strong voice with the nurse who wanted to bully me and you were a steadying voice that kept me centered and focussed on what to do. You were with me through it all and were the last to leave, making sure that I was settled in my room and that Emma was nursing well. We thought that Emma would be our last, but alas, I became pregnant again at 39 years old!! Expecting our 4th child was a joy and thankfully we were back home in Clermont, and next to the best neighbor and friend that I have! Once again, you were right there through the whole journey, coaching me on diet and exercise, sharing my joy with flutters and kicks, and helping prepare for the arrival of JB. Unfortunately, despite our preparation, JB ended up being in a breech position and they had to do a C-section. This was heartbreaking for me, though I was so glad that God was with us during that time. The recovery was definitely the most difficult of all of my pregnancies, and also the time when you were a God-send for me!! Your support in the first two weeks of JB's life was so appreciated! You were always there for questions I had about myself or the baby. You were quick to offer to come over to assist me with moving or anything that I needed. Even when I just complained in a conversation about nursing, you were thoughtful to bring me cooling pads to relieve the pain. You always seem to anticipate my needs and are always there with a calming voice to help. Emily, I am so grateful for our friendship and I am so happy that you have followed through with your desire to become a Doula. You have truly found your calling and I am so glad that we have been a part of that journey with you.

With Love and Appreciation,

Julie S.

My husband and I decided to have Emily as our doula as we welcomed our second daughter at home. My labor was nothing like I expected, as if any are! From my first contraction to my daughter's first breath was only 2 hours and 50 minutes. Emily was so calm and focused on me as things were moving so fast. The midwives were busy getting things set up, my husband was doing all he could to support me and help the midwives into the house. Emily stayed with me, backed off when Kevin supported me, and stepped right back in when he had to step away. She also helped after baby girl was born to make sure she was nursing good and latching on well. My first daughter and I had a very rough start to Breastfeeding and I didn't want that again. I am so glad that even though it was our second baby, we decided to have Emily with us! Her support, encouragement, and reassurance was priceless.

- Rebekah L.