Doula Services

When to hire a Doula?

It is best to start looking for a doula around your 4-7th month of pregnancy.  This will give you lots of time to find a doula thats right for you and have a couple prenatal visits to build a trusting relationship.


~Two-three prenatal visits. We will go over your birth plan, practice comfort measures and labor positions, discuss postpartum issues and address any concerns you may have.

~ At 37 weeks, 24hr phone availability throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period.
~Continuous support for you and your partner during your labor.
~One-three hours of support during post birth.
~Breastfeeding assistance.

~Two postpartum visits were we discuss breastfeeding, postpartum issues and concerns.

The total investment for my service is $1000.

The fees are to be paid as follows:
1. 50% as a non-refundable retainer fee, due when you hire me as your Doula and sign my contract.
2. The final balance is due 2 weeks before your EDD.

Postpartum Services

What is a Postpartum Doula?

Postpartum Doulas are a trained professional that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual, support and guidance to a new mother and the rest of the family. Postpartum Doula's will also provide breastfeeding support, light household chores, nutrition and advice .

A Postpartum Doula will not make or give medical advice, or perform any medical procedures. They do offer education and support and assists the family in finding answers and resources.

Some of the advantages gained by the use of postpartum doula:

Increased chance of breastfeeding successfully.

Less chance of infant dehydration and hospitalization.

A reduced amount of maternal postpartum depression and shorter duration and easier for mother to cope with it if it occurs.

Less maternal exhaustion, frustration, trepidation and anxiety during early weeks.

Reduction in unnecessary calls to pediatricians.

The Partner can get back to work sooner with less anxiety.

helps you gain more of an understanding of newborn emotional and physical needs and behavior.

What a Postpartum Doula will do for you.

​Postpartum Doulas will:

Provide non-biased emotional, physical, and informational support during the postpartum period
Encourage the family to seek care that reflects their values and needs
Models and teaches effective communication
Encourage informed decision making
Support the physical and emotional healing of the mother
Provide information on care options and resources for the mother and newborn
Support and assists with infant feeding
Educate the family on newborn care and characteristics
Provide support to the new mother’s partner and/or family
Assist with household organization
Refer to healthcare professionals when support requires clinical assessment, a need for prescription, or medical diagnosis

What a Postpartum Doula doesn't do.

 Postpartum Doulas do not:

Diagnose medical conditions.
Interpret medical diagnoses or clinical results.
Prescribe or administer treatment of medical conditions.
Perform clinical procedures.
Take over complete care of the infant.
“Sleep train” babies.

Postpartum Doula packages:

Only offered to clients and will discuss after delivery