Emily Mitchell, Certified Birth Doula

My name is Emily Mitchell. I'm a Certified DONA doula serving the Central Florida area.

   I live in Montverde, FL with my husband and four children. I decided to become a doula after the wonderful birth experience I had with a midwife and a doula present at our births. Giving birth was such an empowering experience for me, I felt that every woman has the right to be an advocate of her own birth. I believe that giving birth in such an empowering way only prepares you for life.

I also believe that every woman deserves a doula. Every woman should be able to make her birth her own.

   Every doula is trained to help you have a good birth experience.  The difference between a good doula match and a bad doula match can be as simple as personality or as complicated as poor communication about your goals. I encourage you to read through the information about my services, and if you think I might be the doula for you contact me for an interview.

The way you feel about what is happening to you in pregnancy and during childbirth will affect your ability to remain relaxed, deal with pain and discomfort and make informed decisions. One of the indicators of a woman's successful natural childbirth is her confidence in her ability to give birth. No one can give you confidence in your body, in the birth process or in yourself. You have to find your own sources of strength, and know how to use them during childbirth.